NovaGard Green Zeckenkarte Stück

NovaGard Green Zeckenkarte
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Article: NovaGard Green® NovaGard Green Zeckenkarte Stück

Product description

NOVAGard Green® tick card with magnifying glass
for easy removal of ticks

A tick must be removed correctly so that pathogens cannot enter the skin in an uncontrolled manner or the tick's head gets stuck. It is essential to use the right technique and the right tools.

Note the following when removing:

  • Remove the tick as early as possible.
  • Use the correct tool.
  • Place the tool close to the skin.
  • Do not squeeze the tick and pull it out slowly and in a controlled manner.
  • Do not use oil, petrol, nail varnish remover etc. This will cause the tick to vomit and the pathogens will enter the wound.
  • Disinfect the area after removal.
  • If redness does not go away but spreads or swells and/or flu-like symptoms occur, please consult a vet/doctor.
  • If you are not sure that the tick has been completely removed, please consult a vet/doctor.

NOVAGardGreen®Tick card with magnifying glass makes it easy to remove ticks. Thanks to the integrated magnifying glass, ticks can be easily found even in the early stages, and after removal it is easy to check whether the tick has been completely removed.

Package size: 1 Tick card


The NOVAGardGreen® Tick card with magnifying glass has 2 differently sized V-openings for ticks of different sizes. Slowly slide the appropriate side directly onto the skin towards the tick. Hold the tick at the end of the V-opening and guide the card further forwards and upwards at the same time (the NOVAGardGreen® tick card with magnifying glass works like a lever). Use the built-in magnifying glass to check whether the tick has been completely removed. Disinfect the area and keep it under observation for a few days.

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