NovaGard Green Fresh coat care for dogs 200 ml

NovaGard Green Fresh coat care for dogs
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Article: NovaGard Green® NovaGard Green Fresh coat care for dogs 200 ml

Product description

NOVAGard Green® Fresh coat care (for dogs)
100% natural active ingredients

Which dog owner doesn't know it: a walk in rainy, damp weather and the unpleasant musty smell is already in the coat and in the home.

We offer a natural remedy with three innovative products:

  • NOVAGard Green® Fresh Coat Care (for dogs) with aloe vera, wheat germ oil and lavender oil for supple hair and a pleasant scent.
  • NOVAGard Green® Dry Foam Care (for dogs and cats) quick and thorough cleaning without bathing.
  • NOVAGard Green® Anti Odour (for dogs and cats) neutralizes odours in the environment - a feeling of well-being for animals and humans!

NOVAGard Green® Fresh Coat Care (for dogs) now with an improved formula! Aloe vera fresh plant leaf juice, wheat germ oil and a hint of natural lavender oil. The high aloe vera content moisturizes the skin. The wheat germ oil cares for the skin and coat. Both become supple and the dog's coat is nourished and shiny and fragrant.

NOVAGard Green® Fresh Coat Care (for dogs) makes brushing the coat easier by making the hair supple and shiny. In addition, the lavender oil contained in the product releases a pleasant fragrance without being obtrusive or unpleasant for sensitive dog noses.

  • Makes the coat shiny and fragrant
  • Suitable for daily coat care
  • Pleasant in damp weather conditions
  • Counteracts "damp dog odors"
  • Perfect combination with dry care


Aloe Vera:
Fresh plant leaf juice

Has skin-caring, cooling properties and makes the coat shiny.
Wheat germ oil:

Has a skin-caring effect, protects the coat, keeps the skin and coat very supple.

Lavender oil:

Has a refreshing fragrance and can help to eliminate unpleasant odors in the dog's coat in damp weather, for example.

Package size: 200 ml spray bottle

Spray on several times a day as required. Can also be easily combined with grooming by brushing.

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