NovaGard Green ear care for dogs 30 ml

NovaGard Green ear care for dogs
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Article: NovaGard Green® NovaGard Green ear care for dogs 30 ml

Product description

NOVAGard Green® ear care (for dogs)

With the NOVAGard Green® ear products for dogs & cats, NOVAGard Green® offers a coordinated system of gentle but thorough ear cleaning and ear care on a plant basis.

In a nutshell:
Ears often cause problems in dogs. The mild NOVAGard Green® ear care (for dogs) with marigold extract can be used as part of regular dog care. An acidic environment is maintained in the ear area, which supports the ears' natural protective skin layer.

  • Combination of thorough and gentle care
  • Herbal active ingredients with colloidal silver

NOVAGard Green® is especially dedicated to the different needs of dogs and cats.

All ear care products contain colloidal silver, which cares for the ears in a special way.

Marigold extract, lactic acid, salicylic acid of natural origin, colloidal silver

Package size: 30 ml

NOVAGard Green® Ear Care (for dogs) is dripped into the outer ear daily as a preventative measure or it can be rubbed into the outer ear with a cotton pad. Use the product sparingly. Carefully drip one or two drops into the outer ear or apply to a cotton pad. Please avoid contact of the pipette with the animal's skin or the surface of the cotton ball.

As a supplement, NOVAGard Green® Ear Cleaner (for dogs and cats) should be used several times a week at least every 14 days.

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