NovaGard Green dry foam care for dogs & cats 200 ml

NovaGard Green dry foam care for dogs & cats
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Article: NovaGard Green® NovaGard Green dry foam care for dogs & cats 200 ml

Product description

NOVAGard Green® Dry Grooming Foam (for dogs and cats)

Whether in fall, winter, spring or summer rains - our dogs and outdoor cats often come home with dirty coats. They are then dirty, smelly and leave dirt in the house. Long-haired dogs in particular leave sand and mud on their bellies, legs and necks. An alternative to bathing is particularly important when traveling. Bathing the dog too often is also not good for the balance of skin and coat.

NOVAGard Green® dry care foam (for dogs and cats) is the perfect alternative for "quick cleaning in between". Especially after a long walk, you can quickly clean the dog before getting into the car, because simply drying the wet coat is not a real alternative. The typical "wet dog smell" soon develops and this can also be a problem in the car. At the latest when guests come into the house or ride in the car, non-pet owners can react sensitively to these odors.

Cats are normally very clean animals, but supportive hygiene can also be an advantage for an outdoor cat. Even if a cat is no longer able to clean itself for health reasons, this product offers excellent support. Many cat owners know that bathing a cat is not easy. The NOVAGard Green® dry care foam (for dogs and cats) has been specially developed for this purpose and its quick and easy handling makes it particularly suitable for the additional care and cleaning of cats.

  • A clean animal without bathing in 60 seconds
  • Gentle, mild and effective
  • Economical to use
  • Ideally suited for on the go and when traveling
  • Clean, fragrant animal in the wet season
  • Innovative with colloidal silver

To the point:
NOVAGard Green® dry grooming foam (for dogs and cats) offers a simple, convenient and, above all, quick solution. A mild, excellently tolerated cosmetic foam base that is very economical to use and cares for the coat and skin. NOVAGard Green® Dry Care Foam (for dogs and cats) is applied briefly to the soiled, wet areas, lathered up with your hands and then wiped off with a towel. A little colloidal silver reliably prevents odors. The coat can then be brushed as usual. The dog is clean, groomed and odor-free in 60 seconds. The foam is also suitable for sensitive dog skin and can also be used if it is no longer possible to bathe the dog or clean the cat independently for reasons of age or health.

Mild, cosmetic foam base, colloidal silver

Package size: 200 ml dispenser bottle

Recommendation for use:
Apply a walnut-sized portion of foam to the palm of your hand and thoroughly lather the area of the coat to be cleaned. After about 30 seconds, rub the foam out of the coat with a towel. Brush again if necessary.

With NOVAGard Green® Dry Care Foam (for dogs and cats) you can enjoy the company of your dog and cat at all times: at home, when traveling and in the car - the "wet dog smell" is a thing of the past.

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