NovaGard Green ear cleaner for dogs & cats 200 ml

NovaGard Green ear cleaner for dogs & cats
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Article: NovaGard Green® NovaGard Green ear cleaner for dogs & cats 200 ml

Product description

NOVAGard Green® Ear Cleaner
Gentle ear care for dogs and cats

With the NOVAGard Green® ear products for dogs and cats, NOVAGard Green® offers a coordinated system of gentle but thorough ear cleaning and ear care on a plant basis.

In a nutshell:

The mild NOVAGard Green® ear cleaner with lady's mantle extract gently removes incrustations and dirt and cares for the ears.

  • Combination of thorough and gentle care
  • Herbal active ingredients with colloidal silver

We offer the following products as an ideal supplement:

  • NOVAGard Green® Ear Care (for dogs)
  • NOVAGard Green® ear care (for cats)

NOVAGard Green® is particularly dedicated to the different needs of dogs and cats. For this reason, a special formula has been formulated for the sensitive ears of cats.

All ear care products contain colloidal silver, which provides special care for the ears.

Lady's mantle extract, lactic acid, salicylic acid of natural origin, colloidal silver
Package size: 200 ml dispenser bottle

Use NOVAGard Green® Ear Cleaner several times a week. To do this, fill the auricle with cleaner liquid, gently massage the auricle and then allow the animal to shake out the liquid (choose a suitable place for the application: Terrace, garden, kitchen with tiled floor or similar). It is recommended that dogs with floppy ears and outdoor cats in particular use the product at least every 14 days. Make sure that the liquid is at least room temperature so that the animal does not become frightened and/or permanently associate the application with an unpleasant experience.

As a supplement, NOVAGard Green® Ear Care (for dogs) or NOVAGard Green® Ear Care (for cats) is dripped into the pinna daily as a preventative measure.

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