EQUOLYT Protect 1500 g

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Article: Canina® EQUOLYT Protect 1500 g

Product description

Supplementary feed for horses

With CISTUS INCANUS - supports the horse's well-being + strengthens the immune system. The leaves of the rockrose (Cistus incanus) have a strong anti-oxidative power.

Horses that suffer particularly from flying insect infestation show skin irritation due to rubbing, a thinning coat and, last but not least, great nervousness due to itching. EQUOLYT® PROTECT can support such horses - in combination with other suitable measures such as a head fly hood and/or blanket - throughout the summer.

  • CISTUS can intercept harmful free radicals and thus supports cell protection at the highest level
  • CISTUS contains a high natural proportion of polyphenols.
  • The anti-oxidative power of this power plant strengthens the body's own immune system.
  • High doses of vitamin C have a synergistic effect in EQUOLYT® PROTECT.

- 540g (180 tablets)
- 1.500g (500 tablets)

Composition / ingredients / additives:

Brewer's yeast bound to brewer's grains, apple pomace, cistus incanus (ground cistus herb), calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate.

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 1,000mg

8.4% crude protein, 7.4% fat content, 10.4% crude fiber, 27.9% crude ash

Feeding recommendation:
1 tablet per 100kg body weight, max. 12 tablets. The tablets are administered throughout the season (early summer to fall). The full effect sets in after about 5 to 7 days. The dosage can be doubled if necessary. The maximum feeding quantity of 12 tablets per day should not be exceeded.

Product data

Zusammensetzung Bierhefe gebunden an Biertreber, Apfeltrester, Cistus incanus (Zistrosenkraut gemahlen), Calciumcarbonat, Magnesiumstearat.
Inhaltsstoffe % Rohprotein 8,4 %, Rohfett 7,4 %, Rohfaser 10,4 %, Rohasche 27,9 %.
Zusatzstoffe Vitamin C (Ascorbinsäure) 1.000 mg
Lagerungsempfehlung Trocken und verschlossen aufbewahren.
Nummer Futtermittelverordnung α DE NW 1 15491

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