EQUOLYT Bio-Eczema-Protection 1000 ml

EQUOLYT Bio-Eczema-Protection
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Article: Canina® EQUOLYT Bio-Eczema-Protection 1000 ml

Product description

Effective protection against sweet itch and pests of all kinds

EQUOLYT® BIO-ECZEMA PROTECTION is a so-called repellent on a biological basis, which repels common ectoparasites (parasites from the outside) after the first application, so that no clutches or eggs can settle in the animal's environment. The combination of the product with EQUOLYT® BIO-EKZEM-LIND creates an optimum protective shield effect, also against mosquitoes and other insects.

Contents: 1.000ml

Composition: 15g/L dodecanoic acid (saturated fatty acid from coconut oil), 5g/L margosa extract (naturally occurring in the neem oil seed of the neem tree)

Recommendation for use:
EQUOLYT® BIO-ECZEMA PROTECTION is applied preventively to the head (protect eyes!), neck, flanks, mane crest, tail crest and all prominent parts of the body with a cloth/sponge and rubbed in.
Apply 2 to 3 times a week as required; daily application is also possible.

Attention: If the skin already has open areas, please do not use EQUOLYT® BIO-ECZEMA PROTECTION.
Then treat these areas in advance with EQUOLYT® BIO-EKZEM-LIND for at least 3 days or longer until the skin is intact again.

If skin irritation has already occurred, the affected areas of skin are rubbed intensively with EQUOLYT® BIO-EKZEM-SCHUTZ using a cloth / sponge. This intensive treatment is carried out for 3 consecutive days.

EQUOLYT® BIO-EKZEM-SCHUTZ is then applied as required, depending on the infestation and severity of the skin changes. Daily application is also possible.

General information:
After swallowing: If large quantities are ingested, drink plenty of water.

Do not use in the eye area.

Dispose of product residues at the collection point for household chemicals. Only dispose of completely emptied packaging in a recycling center. To avoid environmental pollution, only use the product selectively.

Classification according to EC 1272/2008:
Eye damage Harm category 1 - Classification limit 1-3 % sum of ingredients.

H319: Causes serious eye irritation.

P101: If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.
P305 + 351 + 338: After contact with eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove any contact lenses. Continue rinsing.
P337 + P313: If eye irritation occurs, get medical advice/attention.
P102: Keep out of the reach of children.

Use biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

Product data

Zusammensetzung 15 g/l Dodecansäure, 5 g/l Margosa-Extrakt
Lagerungsempfehlung Vor Sonneneinstrahlung schützen.

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