Calcina Fleischknochenmehl 3000 g

Calcina Fleischknochenmehl
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Article: Canina® Calcina Fleischknochenmehl 3000 g

Product description

Mineral straight feeding stuff for dogs

Calcium and phosphorus in CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL support the development and maintenance of teeth, skeleton and bone structure. It is a purely natural product (100% pork) and is particularly suitable for pregnant and nursing bitches. In addition to its high palatability, CALCINA ME AT CUT MEAL has a positive effect on the animal's digestion.

The wild dog covered its calcium requirements from the bones of the hunted prey.... Canina® CALCINA MEAT BONE MEAL is therefore the most natural calcium supply:

  • pure meat bone meal with 12.2% calcium and 5.9% phosphorus
  • has a positive effect on digestion
  • high taste acceptance

Contents: 250g / 800g / 3,000g / 5,000g

This straight feeding stuff consists of protein-containing products obtained from mammalian tissue (pig) and which may not be fed to ruminants.

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:

Data in teaspoons up to 10kg up to 20kg up to 20kg
Dry food 1 1,5 3
Wet food 1,5 3 4
Selfmade fodd 3 4 6

(1 teaspoon = approx. 7g)

From the 30th day of pregnancy, the dosage should be doubled according to the table (2 x maintenance requirement).
For lactating bitches according to the table:
4 puppies = 2 x maintenance requirement
4-6 puppies = 4 x maintenance requirement
from 6 puppies = 5 x maintenance requirement

Meat and bone meal of German origin.

Product data

Inhaltsstoffe 50,3% Protein, 5,9% Phosphor, 12,6% Fettgehalt, 27,4% Rohasche, 12,2% Calcium