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Article: Canina® PETVITAL Bird Power 15 ml

Product description


Unique active ingredient complex of 20 different amino acids (incl. lysine and methionine) as well as iron and zinc PETVITAL® BIRD POWER provides valuable proteins in the form of these amino acids; the minerals support performance and vitality.

LYSIN: improves feed conversion, supports plumage quality, prevents feather plucking

METHIONIN: improves egg quality (size, weight)

IRON: promotes oxygen uptake in the muscles and blood

ZINC: supports healthy growth, improves fertilisation

  • Healthy chicks
  • Optimal growth
  • Magnificent plumage

Birds need to consume a third of their body weight in food every day. Because the food supply often does not contain enough of the necessary active substances and nutrients such as essential amino acids and trace elements, it is advisable, indeed necessary, to cover the requirement by using feed supplements. if this is not observed, it often happens that birds in captivity show abnormal behaviour and deficits in physiological metabolism (function of the organism) such as e.g. feather plucking, prolonged moulting, loss of appetite, egg fertilisation deficits, chick mortality and much more: Feather plucking, prolonged moulting, loss of appetite, egg fertilisation deficits, chick mortality and much more.

A deficiency of essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine manifests itself as follows:

  • Prolonged moult
  • Reduced egg size
  • Weight loss
  • Growth retardation
  • disturbance in feather development
  • reduced laying activity

A folic acid deficiency manifests itself as follows:

  • Colour disorder of the plumage
  • poor hatching results
  • increased embryo mortality
  • crossbill formation.

A deficiency of trace elements such as iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn) manifests itself as follows:

  • anaemia
  • Deterioration in condition
  • Slower growth
  • susceptibility to disease
  • Reduced sense of taste
  • Reduced feed intake
  • inhibition of growth
  • skin, hair and plumage damage
  • lack of testicular development
  • skeletal damage
  • dwarfism.

As PETVITAL® BIRD POWER contains all the amino acids and trace elements mentioned (20 in total), we recommend daily supplementation.

This unique complex of active ingredients has the following effects on ornamental birds, parakeets and parrots:

  • Fertilisation and better egg fertilisation
  • Low mortality of chicks and young birds
  • improved plumage quality
  • Reduced feather plucking
  • growth regulation
  • Good feed conversion and weight gain
  • Support during moulting
  • Support for wound healing
  • Immune stimulation
  • Support for diseases of the respiratory organs, also during antibiotic treatment
  • Protection against skin diseases and parasite infestation
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Support in stressful situations
  • such as exhibitions and travelling
  • appetite stimulation

Content: 15 ml

Feed material for large parakeets, parrots, ornamental birds and songbirds
Feeding recommendation per animal and day in 100 ml drinking water:
Small birds (canaries and budgies): 3 - 5 drops.
Larger birds depending on size: 5 - 10 drops in the feed or drinking water.

Dose: Administer for 4 weeks and then after 4 weeks for another 4 weeks. The indicated feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.

Protect from sunlight.

Product data

Zusammensetzung Bluterzeugnisse (Blutserum vom Rind), Wasser
Inhaltsstoffe % Rohprotein 0,06 %, Rohasche 0,07 %, Rohfaser 0,00 %, Rohfett 0,00 %.
Zusatzstoffe Aroma- und appetitanregende Stoffe:Ethanol : 164,4 g
Lagerungsempfehlung Vor Sonneneinstrahlung schützen.
Nummer Futtermittelverordnung α DE NW 1 15491

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