Bird V12 25 ml

Bird V12
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Article: Canina® Bird V12 25 ml

Product description

Supplementary feed for birds

  • ensures optimum condition and promotes the urge to speak and sing
  • recommended for all stressful situations such as moulting, transportation, exhibitions, travel, etc.
  • the vitamins are absorbed via the mucous membranes and lymph channels. They therefore take effect after just a few minutes

Thanks to a special manufacturing process, this product with 11 essential vitamins is absorbed into the bloodstream within a very short time and develops its full effect. Bird V12 is particularly recommended in all the stress situations described above.

Contents: 25ml

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Ornamental and songbirds: 5 drops over the food or in the drinking water
Large parakeets and parrots: 10 drops over the food or in the drinking water

Product data

Zusammensetzung Öle, Fette, Saccharose
Inhaltsstoffe Rohfett 30,0%, Rohprotein 0,5%, Rohasche 0,5%, Wasser 51,0%
Zusatzstoffe Vitamin A 500.000 I.E., Vitamin D3 10.000 I.E., Vitamin E (als alpha-Tocopherolacetat) 1.000mg, Vitamin K3 100mg, Vitamin B1 600mg, Vitamin B2 1.000mg, Vitamin B6 250mg, Vitamin B12 1.000mcg, Nikotinsäure 4.000mg, Pantothensäure 1.000mg, Folsäure 10mg

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