EQUOLYT Bio Fresh & Clean 5000 ml

EQUOLYT Bio Fresh & Clean
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EQUOLYT Bio Fresh & Clean Thumbnail
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Article: Canina® EQUOLYT Bio Fresh & Clean 5000 ml

Product description

- natural cleaning and odor-killing agent with effective microorganisms

  • fresh air in the stable
  • harmless for humans, animals and the environment
  • dermatologically tested - result: "VERY GOOD"
  • Cleans, neutralizes and removes unpleasant odours around animals effectively and sustainably!

Properties and effects:
EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN is effective wherever odor-tainting soiling is present: Organic soiling with odor development is eliminated in a natural way.

Special microorganisms effectively decompose odor-forming residues such as urine and manure water, so that odors are not masked but destroyed.

The organic decomposition of horse manure and urine produces ammonia, a toxic, very pungent smelling gas. In the horse stall, where there is a particularly high concentration of ammonia, not only is the smell unpleasant, it can also be a burden on the horse's respiratory tract. In addition, ammonia in combination with moisture forms the corrosive alkali ammonia (ammonium hydroxide). If the horse comes into contact with this lye, its hooves and skin are attacked and damaged.

  • The extremely effective microorganisms in our product EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN neutralize the urine so that far less ammonia is released.
  • On surfaces cleaned with EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN, potentially harmful germs are displaced and the further development of ammonia is prevented.
  • EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN improves the climate in every stable and in every animal household.
  • Hoof and leg health can improve in stables cleaned with EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN; the formation of ammonia gases is also reduced, which has a positive effect on the horses' respiratory tracts and skin

EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN is preferably used

  • to improve the stable climate
  • to prevent hoof rot
  • positive influence on the respiratory tract and skin
  • to break down breeding grounds for pathogens
  • to reduce fly infestation
  • for cleaning horse boxes, transport vehicles etc.
  • for cleaning riding accessories such as saddles, bridles, textiles etc.

Contents: 1,000 ml / 5,000 ml

Ingredients according to EU Detergents Regulation:
Microorganisms cl.1, anionic surfactants less than 1 %, non-ionic surfactants less than 1 %, fragrances, pH value approx. 7

Areas of application:
EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN is versatile and is ideal for odor removal and cleaning of:

  • Horse boxes (stables)
  • Riding accessories - Saddle - Bridle

In horse boxes:
Shake EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN before use and add 100 ml to 5 liters of water.

First application:
Thoroughly clean the stall and remove old incrustations. Spray the entire box dripping wet and leave to dry. Do not rinse with water. Repeat spraying every 2nd day until the odor is eliminated.

Follow-up applications:
After mucking out, spray the entire stall up to three times a week.

Riding accessories:
100 ml to a 1 liter spray bottle: spray saddle, bridle, textiles etc. dripping wet and allow to dry.

EQUOLYT® BIO-FRESH & CLEAN is harmless to aquatic life, does not fall under the guidelines for biocides and complies with the RAL-UZ 84 eco-label - readily biodegradable.

Product data

Inhaltsstoffe % Inhaltsstoffe nach EU-Detergenzienverordnung: Mikroorganismen Kl. 1, nichtionische Tenside, anionische Tenside < 5 %, Duftstoffe, Farbstoffe, Benzisothiazolinone, Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,3-diol
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