EQUOLYT Arthro Forte 1000 g

EQUOLYT Arthro Forte
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Article: Canina® EQUOLYT Arthro Forte 1000 g

Product description

For bones and joints

Supplementary feed for horses

The powdered plants, minerals and vitamins contained in EQUOLYT® ARTHRO FORTE support the bones, tendons and ligaments in their natural function. Your horse's mobility and vitality are promoted, weak joints are strengthened and your horse's willingness to perform and well-being are improved.

A little vitamin and mineral science:

  • Vitamin E: involved in muscle development, growth phase; radical scavenger
  • Vitamin B1: important for the central nervous system
  • Vitamin B12: involved in blood formation, important for nerve function
  • Iron: is required for blood formation
  • Zinc: involved in many metabolic processes as a coenzyme; important for cell division
  • Copper: supports cartilage formation, involved in blood formation
  • Salix (willow bark, with salicin), devil's claw: the salicin supports the bones, tendons, ligaments and the entire connective tissue apparatus in their natural function
  • Ginger: The gingerols in ginger stabilize overloaded joints and stressed bones

Content: 500g / 1.000g / 3.000g

Composition / ingredients / additives:

Composition: rice semolina, maltodextrin, willow bark, ginger, devil's claw, apple pomace, thyme, dicalcium phosphate, calcium sodium phosphate, dextrose, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide

Ingredients: protein 57.5%, crude fiber 10.1%, crude ash 6.8%, calcium 1.0%, fat content 1.1%, phosphorus 0.4%, magnesium 0.4%,

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin E (as alpha-tocopherol acetate) 3,200mg, vitamin B1 1,000mg, vitamin B12 3,600mcg,iron as iron-II-sulphate (hepatahydrate) 215mg, zinc as zinc oxide 11mg, manganese as manganese-(II)-oxide 15mg, copper as copper-(II)-sulphate (pentahydrate) 2mg, molybdenum as sodium molybdate 17mg

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Young horses from the 6th week of life:
2 x 1 tablespoon as a cure over 4 weeks. Repeat this treatment after a break of 6 months.

Adult horses:
2 x 2 tablespoons, as a cure over 6 months. Then 2 x 2 tablespoons, as a cure over 4 weeks, once a year.

After surgical interventions, bone fractures and in the case of growth disorders:
2 x 3 tablespoons, for 2-6 months, as required

(1 tablespoon = approx. 15g)

The specified feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.

In accordance with the anti-doping rules of the German Equestrian Federation (FN), the recommended withdrawal period (last use of the product before a competition: 48 hours)

Product data

Zusammensetzung Reisspeisegrieß, Maltodextrin, Weidenrinde, Teufelskralle, Ingwer, Apfeltrester / Thymian, Dicalciumphosphat, Calcium-Natriumphosphat, Dextrose, Natriumchlorid, Magnesiumoxid.
Inhaltsstoffe % Rohprotein 57,5 %, Rohfaser 10,1 %, Rohfett 1,1 %, Rohasche 6,8 %, Calcium 1,0 %, Phosphor 0,4 %, Magnesium 0,4 %
Zusatzstoffe Vitamin E 3.200 mg, Vitamin B1 1.000 mg, Vitamin B12 3.600 µg, Eisen als Eisen-(II)-sulfat, Heptahydrat 215 mg, Zink als Zinkoxid 11 mg, Mangan als Mangan-(II)-oxid 15 mg, Kupfer als Kupfer-(II)-sulfat, Pentahydrat 2 mg, Molybdän als Natriummolybdat 17 mg
Lagerungsempfehlung Kühl und trocken lagern.
Nummer Futtermittelverordnung α DE NW 1 15491