EQUOLYT Horse Mineral 10000 g

EQUOLYT Horse Mineral
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Article: Canina® EQUOLYT Horse Mineral 10000 g

Product description

Optimal supply of marco- and microminerals

Mineral feed for horses

EQUOLYT® HORSE MINERAL, the biological power concentrate belongs in every feed, no matter what you feed!

By feeding EQUOLYT® HORSE MINERAL daily, your horse is supplied with all the essential macrominerals and trace elements that support the skeleton, teeth and muscle work.

During physical work (training, competitions), horses lose minerals such as sodium and phosphorus as well as fluids through perspiration via the skin. EQUOLYT® HORSE MINERAL replenishes these mineral deficits and your horse recovers more quickly.

Tasty yeast promotes appetite, stimulates metabolism and digestion; natural seaweed optimizes performance and supports the pigmentation of the coat.


  • Minerals are fully absorbed after just a few hours
  • Optimal nutritional supplement to compensate for feed-related nutrient deficiencies
  • Build-up and feed lime with macro and micro minerals for bone structure, muscles and teeth
  • Seaweed and mineral yeast support appetite, stimulate metabolism and digestion and promote pigmentation
  • Highly palatable due to the addition of valuable yeast
  • Optimum calcium-phosphorus ratio of 1.2 to 1

There is a particular need for minerals and trace elements:

  • for young animals in the growth phase
  • for older and old horses
  • for pregnant and lactating mares
  • during hair change, hoof horn renewal
  • for stressed horses that are nervous and unfocused during training
  • for bone and joint problems

Content: 4,000g / 10,000g

Composition / Ingredients:

Composition: monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, yeast, seaweed meal, flavor (banana)

Ingredients: Calcium 15.3%, phosphorus 14.9%, sodium 0.39%

Feeding recommendation per animal per day:
Depending on the size of the horse, administer 4-6 tablespoons via the feed (1 tablespoon = approx. 25g)

Product data

Zusammensetzung Monocalcium-Phosphat, Calciumcarbonat, Hefe, Seealgenmehl, Aroma (Banane)
Inhaltsstoffe % Phosphor 14,9 %, Calcium 15,3 %, Natrium 0,39 %
Lagerungsempfehlung Trocken und verschlossen aufbewahren.
Nummer Futtermittelverordnung α DE NW 1 15491