EQUOLYT Mag Horse 3000 g

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Article: Canina® EQUOLYT Mag Horse 3000 g

Product description

- for calmness, concentration and willingness to perform
- rich in magnesium and vitamin B12

Supplementary feed for horses

EQUOLYT® MAG HORSE contains high doses of magnesium and vitamin B12. This combination stabilizes the nervous system of restless, irritable horses. Such nervous horses perform irregularly and often consume less feed due to their inner restlessness, which in turn leads to a drop in performance.

A lack of magnesium in stressed horses leads to a nervous, irritable, unfocused attitude and, in drastic cases, to persistent cramps.

The addition of EQUOLYT® MAG HORSE induces central and peripheral relaxation - the animal becomes calmer and can fully develop the required performance. In addition, magnesium is an important building block for bone and skeletal development, in combination with calcium and phosphorus, especially for the growing horse. As magnesium is increasingly broken down and its absorption is reduced with age, magnesium deficiency leads to a premature drop in performance.


  • for nervous, restless and irritable horses
  • for lack of concentration
  • in case of insufficient willingness to perform
  • for young horses to support growth
  • for old horses
  • for mares with foals

Contents: 1,000g / 3,000g

Composition / ingredients / additives:

Composition: magnesium carbonate, lactose, magnesium citrate, magnesium gluconate

Ingredients: crude ash 47.0%, magnesium 12.7%, calcium 10.9%, protein 0.6%, fat content 0.5%, crude fiber 1.0%, sodium 0.04%, phosphorus <0.01%

Nutritional additives per kg: Vitamin B12 250,000 mcg

Feeding recommendation per animal per day:
Small horses: 1 tablespoon
Medium-sized horses: 2 tablespoons
Large, heavy horses: 4 tablespoons
(1 tablespoon = approx. 15g)

The powder is administered mixed with the feed.

Feed as a cure over 3 months. Especially recommended before and during the show season.

Product data

Zusammensetzung Lactose, Magnesiumcarbonat, Magnesiumcitrat, Magnesiumgluconat
Inhaltsstoffe % Rohprotein 0,6 %, Rohfaser 1,0 %, Rohfett 0,5 %, Rohasche 47,0 %, Magnesium 12,7 %, Calcium 10,9 %, Natrium 0,04 %, Phosphor < 0,01 %
Zusatzstoffe Vitamin B12 250.000 µg
Lagerungsempfehlung Trocken und verschlossen aufbewahren.
Nummer Futtermittelverordnung α DE NW 1 15491