Cat-Fell O.K. Tablets approx. 100 pieces 50 g / ca. 100 Tabletten

Cat-Fell O.K. Tablets approx. 100 pieces
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Article: Canina® Cat-Fell O.K. Tablets approx. 100 pieces 50 g / ca. 100 Tabletten

Product description

for all cats, at any age, for every day, to prevent feed-related biotin deficiency.

Supplementary feed for cats

Especially in the first years of life, young cats need an optimal supply to ensure that they develop splendidly. Older cats also benefit from the vital substances in Canina CAT-FELL O.K. products and their well-being is promoted. Biotin is needed as a coenzyme in keratin synthesis to build up hair.

Cats mainly obtain biotin from their food. The amount of biotin produced by the intestinal flora is usually not sufficient to meet requirements, which is why CAT-FELL O.K. is added.
Delicious yeast is used as a carrier, making it highly acceptable even for spoiled cats.

Biotin for:

  • shiny, strong coat
  • healthy, dandruff-free skin
  • optimal pigmentation of coat, nose leather and paw pads
  • firm, strong claws

- 50g (approx. 100 tablets)
- 125g (approx. 250 tablets)

Feeding recommendation per animal per day:
Depending on the size of the cat, 4-6 tablets over a period of 8 weeks.
If problems are already occurring, double the dosage in the first 4 weeks.
The specified feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.

Product data

Zusammensetzung Hefe, Stärke
Inhaltsstoffe Rohprotein 45,8%, Rohasche 9,4%, Rohfett 5,2%, Rohfaser <0,3%
Zusatzstoffe 100.000mcg Biotin

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