Paw Balm 100 ml

Paw Balm
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Article: Canina® Paw Balm 100 ml

Product description

Canina® PAW BALM for dogs


...Protects against the cold, wet, ice, snow and dryness in hot weather

Dogs' sensitive paws are particularly damaged in summer and in the cold winter months. The heat and cold dry out the pads, which can become cracked and hard. Road salt removes water from the sensitive skin on the pads – and the paw pads become inelastic and prone to injury.

Canina® PAW BALM ideally protects sensitive dog paws from heat, dryness, wet conditions, snow and road salt. Due to the anhydrous qualities of the product, the paws cannot freeze as there is no watery film around the paw pads. Instead, the beeswax contained in the product forms a protective layer on the pads and on the skin between the pads to prevent any moisture, salt or dirt getting into them. Apricot kernel oil and shea butter maintain and soften the pads and maintain their elasticity, preventing cracks and minor injuries.

Canina® PAW BALM prevents ice building up between the toes: Dogs can easily cover long distances in snow and ice. This is especially important for use with sled dogs, hunting dogs and rescue dogs.

The tea tree oil and neem oil in the Canina® PAW BALM prevent the licking and nibbling of paws and nourish the skin on the pads, preventing mechanical irritation.

Content: 100ml

Petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin, Butyrospermum parkii butter extract (shea butter), mineral oil, polyethylene, zinc oxide, Cera alba (beeswax), Prunus armeniaca kernel oil (apricot kernel oil), hydrogenated vegetable oil, nylon 12, Azadiracta indica (neem oil), Melaleuca alternofolia leaf oil (tea tree oil), tocopherol (vitamin E)

Areas of use:
Canina® PAW BALM prevents the pads from drying out and avoids cracked paws caused by the wet, cold, ice and snow. In addition, Canina® PAW BALM protects damaged dog's paws from road salt and especially from dry pads in the summer heat.

Method and duration of use:
Apply Canina® PAW BALM to the clean pads with a cloth or with your hands before each walk. Also massage it into the skin between the pads. Canina® PAW BALM can also be used as a care product after the dog has been outdoors. Protect from sunlight.

Product data

Zusammensetzung Petrolatum, Paraffinum liquidum, Butyrospermum parkii Butter-Extract (Sheabutter), Mineral Oil, Polyethylen, Zinkoxid, Cera alba (Bienenwachs), Prunus armeniaca kernel Oil (Aprikosenkernöl), Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Nylon-12, Azadiracta indica (Neemöl), Melaleuca alternofolia leaf Oil (Teebaumöl), Tocopherol (Vitamin E).
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