Dental Can 250 ml

Dental Can
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Article: Canina® Dental Can 250 ml

Product description

Dental care product for dogs against unpleasant mouth odor

Regular daily use of DENTAL CAN prevents bad mouth odor and removes food residues. Today it is assumed that 95% of all dogs over the age of 5 suffer from bad mouth odor.

Contents: 100ml / 250ml

Composition: chamomile extract, peppermint oil, benzalkonium chloride, thymol, sage tincture

Recommendation for use:

  • Push the neck of the bottle into the corner of the mouth and spray some DENTAL CAN into the corner of the mouth by briefly pressing on the bottle. Do not spray into the throat!
  • Then briefly massage the corresponding side of the mouth.
  • Repeat the process on the other side.
  • Treatment with a small sponge or toothbrush is also very effective.

If possible, use daily after the last feed!

Product data

Zusammensetzung Kamillenextrakt, Pfefferminzöl, Benzalkoniumchlorit, Thymol, Salbeitinktur
Lagerungsempfehlung Kühl und trocken lagern. Vor Sonnenlicht schützen.