Caniletten 1000 g / ca. 500 Tabletten

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Article: Canina® Caniletten 1000 g / ca. 500 Tabletten

Product description


The all-round supplier

Mineral supplement feed for dogs

Canina® CANILETTEN - the biological power concentrate belongs in every feed - no matter what you want to feed.

Feed Canina® CANILETTEN daily and your dog is supplied with:

  • minerals
  • Trace elements
  • Calcium and phosphorus (important for skeleton, bone structure, teeth, muscles)
  • Yeast (for metabolism, appetite, digestion)
  • Seaweed meal (for pigmentation)
  • and essential vitamins

For puppies and young dogs we recommend Canina® WELPENKALK POWDER + Canina® WELPENKALK TABLETS.

- are fully absorbed after just a few hours, whereas most conventional lime preparations
are only absorbed after several days
- also available as a powder (Canina® CANIPULVER)

- 300g (approx. 150 tablets)
- 1,000g (approx. 500 tablets)
- 2,000g (approx. 1,000 tablets)

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Data in tablets up to 10kg up to 20kg over 20kg
Dry food 1 2 5
Wet food 2 4 7
selfmade Food 4 7 10

From the 30th day of pregnancy and in lactating bitches, the dosage should be doubled according to the table
(2 x maintenance requirement).

The specified feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.

The simultaneous administration of vitamin D2 is not permitted.

Product data

Zusammensetzung Calciumcarbonat, Calcium-Natrium-Magnesiumphosphat, Monocalciumphosphat, 7% Hefe, 3% Seelagenmehl, Natriumchlorid
Inhaltsstoffe Calcium 17,0%, Phosphor 9,8%, Natrium 3,3%
Zusatzstoffe 470.000 I.E. Vitamin A, 10.000 I.E. Vitamin D₃, 280mg Vitamin E, 85mg Vitamin B₁, 200mg Vitamin B₂, 85mg Vitamin B₆, 980mcg Vitamin B₁₂, 630mg Nikotinsäure, 630mg Pantothensäure, 14mg Folsäure, 1.225mg Eisen (als Eisen- (II)-sulfat, Monohydrat), 120mg Kupfer (als Kupfer-(II)-sulfat, Pentahydrat), 260mg Mangan (als Mangan-(II)-oxid, 525mg Zink (als Zinkoxid), 4mg Jod (als Calciumjodat wasserfrei), 6mg Selen (als Natriumselenit)

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