Biotin Forte Tablets 700 g / ca. 210 Tabletten

Biotin Forte Tablets
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Article: Canina® Biotin Forte Tablets 700 g / ca. 210 Tabletten

Product description


Supplementary feed for dogs

The hair vitamin biotin (vitamin H) and a high natural vitamin B content ensure

  • healthy skin
  • a strong, shiny coat
  • optimal pigmentation of coat, nose leather, paw pads
  • firm, strong claws

Canina® BIOTIN FORTE TABLETS are characterized by a balanced composition and naturally contain a high vitamin B content. The tablets have been developed for extreme cases and for long-haired dogs.

Due to their high biotin content, Canina® BIOTIN FORTE TABLETS are particularly suitable for supporting the coat quality of pregnant or nursing bitches.

Give your bitch one Canina® BIOTIN FORTE TABLET a day for 14 days before whelping until the puppies are weaned. Your bitch will hardly have shed any hair after the puppies have been weaned and in most cases will still be in show condition.

Also available as a powder(Canina® BIOTIN FORTE POWDER).

- 100g (approx. 30 tablets)
- 200g (approx. 60 tablets)
- 700g (approx. 210 tablets)
- 2,000g (approx. 600 tablets)

Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
1 tablet per 10kg body weight (max. 5 tablets). Adhere to the specified dosage for 8 weeks. After that, half the dosage is sufficient.

Product data

Zusammensetzung Hefe
Inhaltsstoffe Rohprotein 45,0%, Rohasche 14,9%, Rohfett 3,7%, Rohfaser <0,3%
Zusatzstoffe Biotin 1,500,000mcg (= 5mg per tablet)

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