PETCAST with support from Canina

Napfgepräche is now not only available as a live online seminar, but also as a podcast. It has been renamed Petcast to suit our industry.raw feeding, pure and simple - that's the idea behind this new Petcast.

When it comes to feeding pets, more and more people are opting for a fresh, raw diet for their four-legged friends.

You'll hear from our presenters Team Sabine Thöne-Groß and Joe Rahn as experts in the field, as well as from pet owners who have switched their pets to raw feeding. They talk about why raw feeding is important, what you can expect from it, how it works, what effects it can have on your pet's health and much more.

Listen to the two experts exchanging their views on the adorable facial expressions of their pets when eating raw food or discussing why raw food might be better than dry food.

We hope you will join them and follow them as they explore this fascinating topic of raw feeding and its health effects!

Petman and Canina are the sponsors for this Petcast.

You can also find our Petcasts on AudioNow, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

The podcasts are recorded in German.